Alex Hirota VS. The Prime Stripes

Alex Hirota VS. The Prime Stripes

The sound of an alarm clock is never something you are excited to hear, especially at 4AM.  However, this time, the alarm made me spring out of bed, ready to start the day.  Why?  I was going to film an edit.  This edit would be featuring my favorite PRIME series, the Prime Stripes.  Here is an account of our mini, morning adventure.

Louke Hernandez (who is my very good friend and he filmed the majority of the edit) met me at my house at around 5AM, and we drove down to Newport Beach.  We stopped to get Starbucks on the way, all while trying to plan our shots for the edit.  After a short amount of time, we reach our destination.  I step out of the car, and the morning beach air is quite cold, but a nice change from the 90F+ weather we have had as of late.  The sun has barely started to rise, so we rush to the pier and take out the cameras.  What a sight!  The ocean is a cold blue-green, and the sky is rich with yellow and orange rays.  The only sound we could hear was the sound of each wave breaking, as well as some beach wildlife.  As for what happened next?  Well, I guess you will have to watch the video to find out.


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