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Brock Thornton, more famously known as Boogie T, is a professional EDM musician who has been blasting sound waves over the stage for years, entertaining the masses with his special blend of genres, including but not limited to chest-heavy sub-bass, smooth reggae, and some high-energy vibes!

A Young Boogie

A lifelong musician, Boogie started his music career at a very young age, banging pots and pans while his grandmother played the piano. Once he was a little older, he took an interest in the piano himself when he heard his grandmother playing a classic tune, “The Entertainer”, a ragtime hit by Scott Joplin. He was enrolled into piano lessons shortly after, getting his first guitar a few years later.

Young Boogie T

Boogie has been mobbing and making music a part of his life ever since he was young, performing as a lead-man for gigs at clubs and bars with older musicians before even his friends were old enough to attend his shows. Having a fondness for rock, Thornton pressed on with his music career through his youth, performing in Battle of the Bands competitions, forming his first band in the eighth grade, and even getting opportunities to perform at popular local events.

Receiving a copy of Sony Acid from his grandma at age 10 and teaching guitar lessons at just the age of 14, Boogie was already well on his way of making music his life’s work by making money from his talents. You could even find him featuring classmates on tracks and selling the CD's left and right at school. This got him in some hot water with the teachers, but we have to respect the hustle!

Boogie T - News Image - High School

Boogie Meets Kendama

Fast forward to late 2016, Boogie is touring often and notices a fellow musician, "SQUNTO", just RIPPING a Kendama, but never has the opportunity to learn how to play. While he didn't receive a kendama from him, it had piqued his interest.

For Christmas, late 2018, Boogie's step-mom had purchased several Sweets Kendamas for members of the family as well as their neighbor. Quickly finding out that he was not included in this gift-giving plan, he snagged the Green Prime Kendama that was meant for their neighbor and started jamming! Almost happening all at once, Boogie was also booked to play at the Snowta 2018 New Years Festival, where he received a Custom Prime that our Graphic Designer, Matt Muraoka, had created for each of the headliners that was waiting for him in the green room. Not only that, but he also met the Sweets Mob Captain, Reed Stark, for the very first time.

Boogie - Reed - ATV

Reed, described by Boogie as, "Kooky crazy, lanky armed, and lookin' like a bad man", was working the attendees hard, making sure everyone got their first spikes. Up until this point, Boogie hadn't had any help or teaching from anyone yet. After Reed gave him a few pointers and showed him how to spike a kendama, Boogie went from being nervous to try it in front of others to a complete opposite, being totally down with kendama and gaining more understanding about the tools he was using.


 Boogie walked away from that event with both the Custom dama from Muraoka as well as one of Reed's Signature Models and was off to lacing! Posting tricks on his Instagram (@mrboogiet), he landed his first whirlwind just 4 months into playing - a huge accomplishment for a kendama player.

Pretty soon, Kendama became the perfect downtime activity. He started taking his Kendama along everywhere he went, as he finds that Kendama is perfect for filling slow periods of time for musicians, between the potential hours of downtime before shows, traveling to and from cities, and even relaxing after a show.


Following his introduction to Reed Stark, Boogie soon met the other faces at Sweets Kendamas, such as Cooper, Matt Muraoka, and Sweets himself. The custom Kendama he received from the Snowta event was awesome, but he wanted his own. Several months later, he became the very first EDM artist to ever design a kendama with the release of his V1 Signature model, almost a year after he started playing.

Since then, Boogie has been exposing thousands of fans and musicians alike to Kendama all over the country, lacing whirlwinds on stage at every show. He thinks that Kendama and music go hand-in-hand; it's perfect for musicians as well as the crowd. He's connected Sweets Kendamas with several EDM artists since the beginning of his Kendama journey and has exposed the entire EDM community to Kendama, constantly proving that Kendama Connects Worlds and has easily become the single most influential figure in spreading the new wave of Kendama into the EDM community. In light of all he has done for Kendama, you know we had to give his mod a fresh, updated look!

The Boogie T Mod is getting an update; this time taking inspiration from one of his favorite guitars. Although some elements have stayed the same, the new red design is sure to pop.


Since his first Signature Mod, Boogie has gone even deeper into the Kendama world, so there are a number of features on this Kendama that he created specifically with play in mind. The new pearl accent around the bevel is made to match his guitars' pick guard, but also offers awesome tracking to help spike every trick. Boogie added rosewood in the spike to change up the weight distribution in the ken, and the pickup-inspired engravings on the stall points help lock in tricks. 

This fresh #BoogieTMod is excellent for a first-time player but also the perfect level up for anyone who has been jamming his original mod. 


  • BOOST Ken
    • Maple with vertical rosewood stripe spike
    • Maple sarado
    • Custom engravings
      • Volume knob in big cup
      • Tone knob in small cup
      • Guitar pickups on all cup stalls
      • Numbered knob design in base cup
      • Boogie T Signature
      • Sweets Crossken mark
    • Balance Bevel in base cup
  • BOOST Tama
    • Cherry Wood
    • Glittery red top 80%
    • White pearl bottom 20%
    • Boogie T spiral around string hole
    • Soundwave design around center of tama
    • Sticky Clear
  • Weight Match Guarantee 
    • Ken & tama weight matched within 7g
  • Metal spinner bead
  • Extra string
  • Boogie T sticker pack

Please join us in congratulating Boogie on his brand new model and wish him luck as he continues to travel, lay down tracks, and lace whirlwinds!

Snag the new model HERE, or cop the Boogie T 2-Pack, including a both a V1 Redux and a fresh V2 HERE!

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