Who is Cam Herrero? The Newest Sweets Legend!

Who is Cam Herrero? The Newest Sweets Legend!


“I'll never forget seeing Cam play kendama for the first time. We were at the 2014 Battle in Seattle and I saw a crowd of people watching this dude lacing. He was landing tricks I had only seen in videos before. The ease and consistency he was landing the tricks with was on a whole other level. Aside from his mind-blowing skills as a kendama player he is also one of the nicest people I have ever met. Months after meeting him I traveled to Detroit for the Dama in the D. He was nice enough to let me stay on his couch, which was rad. I left Detroit that weekend with a new word in my vocabulary… Dankersons. That pretty much sums up Cam. Dankersons.”
-Matt “Sweets” Jorgenson

Who is Cam?


Cam Herrero, also known as @kendamalicious by his Instagram tagline, has been playing Kendama for a lengthy 8+ years. Usually found in his signature Pikachu hat and vibrantly colored wardrobe, Cam is known by many for his extremely high-level Kendama play and consistent posting online, but Cam is so much more than his Kendama skills. 

Representing Wyandotte, Michigan, the Downriver Kendama Team, and now officially the Sweets Legend Team, Cam is a spotlight of love of positivity within the community. He and his fellow DKT members are the hosts of Dama in the D, an annual Kendama competition put on in the heart of Wyandotte.

Cam has inspired so many new players with his insane clips and is constantly pushing the game to the next level, and with his years of dedication to Kendama, it wasn’t hard for us to see what an icon Cam Herrero is, and we had to bump him straight to the Legend Team.

Words from Cam:

“Thank you for your support. Never quit, keep the faith, it shall happen right on time, right when it needs to, and traffic will flow accordingly.”



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