Chelsea May Perez | 100 Kendama Tricks in 100 Days Challenge

Chelsea May Perez | 100 Kendama Tricks in 100 Days Challenge

Sweets Homegrown Team Member, Chelsea May Perez, completed her 100 Kendama tricks in 100 days series this week! This was her way of showcasing her favorite Kendama set-ups and her favorite Kendama tricks! In some videos, she explained the origin or a personal story about set-up she was using. In her descriptions, she described the trick or some history about the trick and its name.

A couple of her favorite Kendamas used were Sweets Homegrowns, REZ Kendamas, Grain Theory Kendamas, and other rare set-ups. A couple of her favorite tricks were Around SoCal, Tradespike variations, Butterfly, and Lollipop, a balance/string/tension trick she came up with 2 years ago!

Without missing a day, she pushed and challenged herself to play Kendama, even for 5 just minutes. Rain or shine, hot or cold, she always found a time and place to practice after work or on her days off. During the 100 days, other Kendama players were inspired to do similar “Kendama trick a day” series as well! She hopes to continue to inspire other Kendama players to play, practice, to never give up, and to always have fun everyday with Kendama!

Can you tackle all of the tricks? Be sure to give Chelsea May a follow @heychelseamay, and check out the #chelsea100in100 hashtag on Instagram to view all 100 tricks and all 100 Kendamas that she seshed with!

Hope you have a good day!
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