The Only Kendama Display You Will Ever Need : The Dama Claw

The Only Kendama Display You Will Ever Need : The Dama Claw

Kendamas are awesome. So awesome that we buy lots of them.... like lots and lots. We only have so many dressers and desks to put them on before it becomes a problem. I know a lot of moms and significant others that would agree with me on this.


Unless you have taken the time to build your own Kendama holder you may have noticed that there aren't many options out there for hanging your kendamas. There may be a few for sale but they cost a lot to hold only a few kendamas. We noticed this too and wanted to do something about it. We wanted to make something that could be semi-affordable to hold 100 Kendamas. 


A friend of ours from Taiwan @funkcheng started using something similar in his home and we were beyond stoked on the idea! Check out this picture of how he utilized them to show off his collection. 

 The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you hang them on a wall. You could do vertical lines or even make a shape if you wanted. 

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