Virtual Reality ( VR )  is something that is going to be a lot more common in the next few years. Sweets Kendamas Pro Christian Fraser is an architect and uses VR to show off models of buildings all the time. In Tokyo we found full buildings dedicated to only selling a top notch VR experience. Apple also just released the IPhone X that will be able to host VR compatible games and apps. 


So why do I bring all this up you ask? I have found the first ever VR Kendama game name KendamaVR. It releases September 19th, 2017 for PC, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It doesn't look like anything life changing but it does look like something I would love to try. Imagine being able to log on and play your friend in a game of KEN. What if you could log into a room and jam with your favorite Pro? The possibilities of KendamaVR are endless as the hardware and software progress. Huge shout out to whatever dama head took the time to code this bad boy out. If you know who is responsible please send us a message. 

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by Andrew

Are you guys going to bring a VR headset to the mko?


thats lit