Are you driven and want to make a difference with Kendama in your community?

Become a Teacher With SKF

The Sweets Kendamas Foundation is looking to expand after-school programs around the United States in 2022. This last year alone, SKF has reached over 7,000 students and is on track to reach a total of 10,000 by January. We currently have about 10 programs a week that run throughout the entire school year, held in three different US States.

We actively work with: 

  • School districts

  • YMCA sites

  • Campfire Columbia

  • MECA Community Education

  • Community Education Programs

  • Japan American Society (various locations around the US)

What we are looking for:

  • People that are self-motivated and driven

  • People who work great with kids aged 7 - 15
    • Experience is a plus, but not required

  • Passionate about spreading and teaching kendama

  • Passionate about Mindfulness and Growth Mindset
    • Experience with Mindfulness is a plus but not required 

  • Is able to take time roughly between the hours of 2 pm - 6 pm to run a 90-minute class

  • Classes can be once a week or twice a week per school. 

  • Work multiple programs = make a bigger impact = make more money

  • Instructors are paid $25 per hour

  • Must be reliable and responsible

  • Must be able to pass a background screening

    Why You Should Do It

    • Our program merges the benefits of mindfulness with the enjoyment and fun of play

    • By running a program in your community you are giving students access to a unique experience that allows them to transform adversity into opportunities to learn and grow.

    • You are teaching the youth in your community tools for mindful awareness,  emotional resilience, and compassion. 

    • You are providing a space for students to recognize and learn that they are so much more capable than they may think they are. 

    • You are giving students the opportunity to learn skills that can help them out in every aspect of their life. 

    • You can get paid to do something that you love.

    *Do I need to be really good at Kendama to teach?

    No! First of all, “Good” is relative. If you are passionate about kendama, you likely have started to master the basics. If you understand how to properly perform the basic grips, the basic techniques, and beginner-level tricks, you are likely in a proficient enough space to teach. Plus, you can continue to learn with your students and provide live examples of learning from failure and practicing patience, active reflection, and perseverance. 

    Find Out More...

    We are currently activating programs mostly in Minneapolis, Portland, Houston and Seattle areas. If you are in those areas and are interested in getting plugged in, fill out the instructor interest form now! If you are not in those areas but are interested in teaching, please still fill out the form as we do plan to open up programs around the country.


    Help make a difference in students lives, sign up today!

    To learn more about our programs and mission, visit our website,

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