Kendama Music: 10 Songs Inspired by Kendama

Kendama Music: 10 Songs Inspired by Kendama


Music and kendama are perfect with one another, whether you’re playing at a get-together with friends, at a competition/event, or even by yourself learning a new trick. All of these situations, and so many more, are even better with the inclusion of music.

On top of music being a perfect accompaniment to kendama and vice versa, the line between the two has blurred over the years as musicians worldwide have been inspired by kendama to make their own tracks. Today, in celebration of the Boogie T Signature Kendama release in our Amped Shape, we’ve curated a list of ten songs to add to your kendama playlist. Including tracks inspired by kendama, about kendama, or even made with kendamas, we’re certain you’ll find at least one or two that gets your body moving!

Silver - Boogie T

Release Date: July 21, 2022

Boogie T’s newest single is the first time in history that a song was produced to release in conjunction with a kendama. The song is an interesting paradox of inspiration. It’s not a song about kendama but was made to release along with his newest kendama, a design inspired by Boogie’s silver Fender Stratocaster Guitar. Basically, It’s a song written for a kendama that’s inspired by a musical instrument!

Silver is an exclusive release that can only be found on our YouTube channel for the next few weeks as a part of the edit that Boogie made for his newest mod. You can also support Boogie directly by snagging one of his mods HERE!

Breadcrumb Junglegym EP - HNL Kendama

Release Date: July 18, 2005

While some kendama players have heard the song “Moshikame Swag” if they’ve been involved long enough in the kendama community, even some people might be surprised to find out that it’s part of a larger project. DJ Packo and Werdupstu collaborated together on the creation of this 6-track Extended Play, noted by the creators as “the very first official strictly kendama-driven album”. 

We couldn’t describe the project any better than the producers themselves:

“A music collective inspired by the kendama culture, bringing an eclectic sound of different styles, from a raw style of the 90's Hip Hop, golden era sound, Electro funk grooves, to classically orchestrated waves of original melodies with fresh cuts. Breadcrumb Junglegym is inspired to bring a diverse soundtrack of creative flow to the new style of kendama play. In a world of adulthood and seriousness, adorn and regard your inner child. Imagine the BBoy in the circle, an MC with a quill, A DJ with fresh technique, an artist with canvas skills; creating their character, a soul of expression, with a void of urban talent to fulfill. The uncanny resemblance of both rhythm, rhyme and kendama has been the main drive to how we see the world. How it relates to finding your own rhythm and creating the course of dance and step, balance and sway, kendama play is no different than any other form of phrasing your unheard voice, the body language, your choice.”

Lace it Chase it - Chado, Icelandic Pop Sensation Bjorn!, Kendama GOAT

Release Date: Apr. 14, 2019

Entering the comedy/parody genre, “Lace It Chase It” is a kendama parody song inspired by Migos’ track, “Walk It Talk It” from their 2018 album, Culture II. The single was collaborated on between Kendama GOAT, Chad Covington, and Bjorn Sorenson, all of which provided a verse for the project. It’s such a fun listen and a hype video to watch, filmed with a large group of kendama players during an event together.

Kendama Rap Song - Höhlenkollektiv

Release Date: Oct. 31, 2018

Höhlenkollektiv is a collective of musicians in Germany’s hip hop underground scene who also share a passion for kendama. This track was released on the Kendama Europe YouTube channel and was Germany’s first kendama rap song!

A highlight from the video’s description:

“...The beatmakers and rappers who made and produced Germany’s first Kendama song are an association of producers, rappers, and graffiti artists from Leipzig, who are dedicated to socio-critical and contemporary chaplaincies. The Kendama song deals with the attitude and message of Kendama itself and communicates the great fun of playing. 
Catch the Rap flow!”

While we don’t speak German, there’s enough English in the chorus and verses that confirm it’s a kendama-inspired beat. Plus, the production of the melody and beat behind the lyrics makes this song enjoyable even to non-German speakers.


Release Date: Aug. 23, 2016

Gourski, a Cologne, Germany-based artist, created this perfect example of blending music and kendama. This mention is somewhat unique from the rest of this list, it’s an entire song created with samples of kendama sounds! It’s a high-energy listen and was released along with a music video/kendama edit including tricks, B-Roll drone shots, and even shots of him using every part of the kendama to sample different sounds and tones for the project.

King Dama (Kendama Song) - CRBL

Release Date: Apr. 24, 2017

Kendama saw a massive uptick in kendama interest several years ago in Romania. Andreianu Eduard (CRBL) is a Romanian musician and has even had connections with us through our homies at Sweets Kendamas Romania. We can’t help but enjoy this hip-hop/rap track even though we can’t speak Romanian.

However, there are a ton of recognizable terms in the song. He even gives a shout-out to Sweets and several other kendama brands at the end of the second verse.

Whirlwind Check - Boogie T Ft. Kendama Goat

Release Date: Nov. 6, 2020

Whirlwind Check is a single produced by Boogie T about playing kendama that also includes a feature verse from kendama personality, Kendama GOAT. Boogie has been one of the biggest reasons why kendama has grown so popular within the music festival community. He exposed his massive fanbase to kendama with the release of this song, or at least all of the fans who hadn't seen him play one yet.

Boogie shows diversity in his musicality on this track, blending his signature Riddim sound with rap verses about seshing kendama, keeping you interesting in what’s coming next during the entire listen.

Kendama - REIKS Ft. ABS_NICE

Release Date: Aug. 16, 2019

Another classic Romanian hip-hop mention, “Kendama” is a track by Reiks and Abs_Nice. The music video even includes a few familiar faces to us in America,  our friends Dylan Westmoreland and Bryan Scagline both appear as players in the music video alongside several others. 

The song was premiered live at the Domina Kendama Open hosted in Europe and was in the top trending on Youtube Latvia for over 2 weeks. Almost just as impressively, the video was shot in just a brief 6 hours in a variety of filming locations.

Kendama - 444PRAZ Ft. Noormeek & Lepaste

Release Date: ~2020

444Praz, Noormeek & Lepaste bring this trap genre collaboration about kendama to life. This one definitely comes with an explicit language warning, but the energy is high!

We also love the cover artwork, depicting Thor with an oversized kendama. Is it a coincidence that Thor played kendama in Thor: Love and Thunder?

KENDAMA - Noaptea Târziu

KENDAMA is a parody/cover of the song “What’s Up” by La tine, but the former rose to massive popularity in Romania along with the popularity of kendama, the music video reaching almost 11 million views on YouTube today.

The song’s vibe reminds us of Latin pop music, but all sung in Romanian and it’s well mastered, even though it was a cover/parody song about kendama! It’s worth seeing if you’ve never heard it before.

Did we miss one of your favorite kendama tracks, or did you find any new favorites? Share the blog and tag us to let us know!

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