Netflix Made A Kendama!

Netflix Made A Kendama!

2022 is quickly becoming the most insane year for kendama exposure of all time and marks one of the most exciting moments in kendama history to date; Netflix made a kendama!

Even with kendama being more popular than it's ever been, we're still a relatively tiny boat in a large ocean. Anytime kendama appears in mainstream media, even if it's just a promotional item, it's always a huge moment for the game and exposes so many new people to kendama that we never would have been able to reach on our own.

If you told us ten years ago that Netflix would make a kendama, we would have never believed it. That's why, when some of their kendamas showed up at our shop, we were blown away and had to make a video about it and see how they played! Check out the video below to see more of the kendama in action and to hear about how you can potentially win one!

Netflix partnered with individual artists to collaborate and create some new promotional products to release in line with several of their newest series. For the release of Eden, they asked Nathalie Nguyen, a freelance artist currently based in New York City, to work with them on the show.

When Nathalie was designing, she noticed that red was a classic kendama color and that it matched an apple, which serves as an energy source for the robots in the story. Swapping out the ball for an apple, she also swapped out the bottom cup for a different base, a section of the bottom half resembling the robot E-92, one of the series' main characters.

 E-92 Kendama - Concept Art (1) E-92 Kendama - Concept Art (2)
E-92 Kendama - Concept Art (3) E-92 Kendama - Concept Art (4)

Sadly, there's no kendamas in the 4 episodes of the show, but we love that Nathalie pulled inspiration from kendama in order to create this unique piece! You can see a video about Nathalie's background as an artist and her inspiration for the kendama's design HERE.


The E-92 Kendama is definitely playable, but we think it's best used as a decorative item for your home, a special item in your kendama collection, or maybe even a gift for the kendama or anime lover in your life.

We have Nathalie and Netflix both to thank for bringing kendama in front of thousands of new eyes with the E-92 Kendama! The E-92 Kendama is currently available for $50 HERE on, a place where fans can get official Netflix merchandise of their favorite series and films.

Eden is a story set thousands of years in the future, long after humans have seemingly vanished from Earth. In a robot-only time period, the discovery of a sole human child sets in motion the events within the show. With just 4 episodes, you can easily watch the entirety within an evening!

We think this Eden inspired kendama is awesome, but if you are looking for something a bit more traditional and playable, check out the Sweets Starters! They are perfect for jamming while watching Netflix or waiting for your collectable E-92 dama to arrive!

Kendama Giveaway

Netflix was nice enough to not only send us some kendamas to play, but also some to giveaway! Check our YouTube & Instagram for how to win an Eden kendama of your own!

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