Want to Learn Some Legendary Tricks?

Want to Learn Some Legendary Tricks?

Alex Ruish is one of the most OG kendama players in the game. He has been playing kendama since 2009! When kendama was just getting going in the USA there were almost no kendama tutorials. Ruisch took it into his hands to start teaching the tricks via online tutorials on his Youtube Channel. Here is one of his first ever tutorials uploaded over 7 years ago. 

We had the pleasure of hosting Alex over the MKO 2018 weekend this year. Alex if famous in kendama for doing a trick called the Swing UFO. This is a trick that takes a lot of practice to setup. Once you get the motion it flows and is a really fun trick to lace. 

There are a lot of different ways to do this trick and Ruisch explores a few of them in the videos below. Now go check them out and start lacing like a legend. 


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