So Kanada : Dragon Ball Edit

So Kanada : Dragon Ball Edit

So Kanada is one of the best kendama players in the world! This year he took 2nd place next to teammate Nick Gallagher who took first this year. So loves the Dragon Ball series of tamas we made for the V12 Prime Custom line. He decided to go in on some seriously unique bangers for this edit. New teammate on Sweets Japan @tomoki_ninomiya makes an appearance in the end landing a seriously difficult doubles trick with the legend So.


  • clauberto

    só trick insana, representa demais esse japa, ansioso pra chegar nesse nível de trick!! Brasil manda um grande abraço a todos da sweets kendama queremos vocês aqui nos visitando novamente!!

    only trick insane, represents too much japa, eager to reach this level of trick !! Brazil sends a big hug to all of the sweets kendama we want you here visiting us again !!

  • Scott Hellier

    I really love this edit. A lot of modern edits are just filled with inconceivable juggle/tap/gunslinger tricks that are seriously difficult and impressive, and although those edits are fire and everything, it’s awesome when a an edit like this comes around. Definitely full of new gen steeze, but also very creative, with most of the tricks just being short and sweet. Well done So.

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