Sweets Artist Series :: LUZUMAKI x SWEETS

Sweets Artist Series :: LUZUMAKI x SWEETS

We have been working with Luzumaki for the last year to get this collaboration off the ground, and the wait is over. We are proud to present our 1st artist series kendama collaboration :: LUZUMAKI x SWEETS

Lu's signature pointilated, spiral artwork stems from his influence of many things; tattoos, ghost stories, anime etc. and has gained great popularity within the kendama community. Many have seen his meticulous artwork on custom tamas, shoes, skateboards and more, but we felt like we could take it to the next level and actually produce a whole line with custom artwork, kens and of course Lu's signature style. 

The LUZUMAKI x SWEETS Half Split setup consists of a maple Pro Ken with custom wood burned spiral on the base cup, premium string w/ a spinner bead. and the tama is finished with rubber clear. 




  • Steven Capo

    Hello! I was wondering when this product was going to be back in stock?

  • Leah

    Where can I get one✌️😄😁

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