Last weekend the Sweets Crew flew out to LA to be on the infamous Youtube Channel No Jumper. The host of the show is @Adam22 and he is all about the kendama ( Thanks to Reed Stark ). Adam usually focuses his interviews towards BMX riders and Famous Rappers but made an exception for the Sweets Crew. 

The first Vlog they appeared in was released on March 26th called "THEY JUST REALLY LIKE ME FOR MY KENDAMA" In this episode Max, Cooper, and Muraoka show up at the shop and get invited to kick it and play dama with the crew. Cooper shows them the tight rope, Max shows them his Yank Spike Consistency, and Adam looses his mind.  

The second Vlog was released March 28th and is filled with tons of kendama action. The guys taught Adam a ton of new tricks and got him to Yank for the first time. Towards the end Adam does a small interview with Sweets. The crew gifts Adam a bunch of fresh new damas to jam at the shop. 

L.A. is an amazing place where anything can happen. Its not about what you know, its about who you know. Keep an eye out for us in another Vlog called Round 2  releasing in the next week. Shout out to Zach from Fontaine Cards for hookin up the interview with Round 2. 


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