Sweets Life European Tour

Sweets Life European Tour

Cooper Eddy and Max Norcross have started their European Tour and things are off to a tremendous start. Sweden was the first stop for these dudes on their 6 week European tour. They are currently kicking it in Copenhagen with the Kromies lacing bangers. Keep and eye out for the next episode of the Sweets Life European Tour. 



  • Andre

    Are those the new prime pro models or the old ones in the photo?

  • Carlos

    They come to Germany ?

  • Jaden James sim

    I really watch all of your video. And also really love this year’s pro model for 2017 and also hope that I will be part of sweets kendamas one day. Yours Sincerely,jaden James sim

  • Elliott

    Where are u guys going (everywhere)?

  • Mblack

    Are you guys coming to the Netherlands ?

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