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Sweets Submissions || Kendama: The Deeper Meaning

Kendama isn’t just the simple toy that it comes across as. It teaches us amazing lessons that spill over into other aspects of our lives. This wonderful skill toy can teach someone how to view life with new eyes, on more than one level.

Imagine wanting to accomplish something, far out of reach. Something, which in the moment, seems impossible to achieve. While in that moment many people tend to get discouraged and irritated. Many people even feel the urge to throw in the towel completely. While learning Kendama the same thing can happen, but with a twist. The beautiful and unique gift that Kendama gives the world is meditation.

While playing Kendama, learning new tricks and trying new combos, people find themselves slipping away from reality. By doing this, one may find themselves falling into an infinite slumber, where only the Kendama exists. In simpler terms, this is called “being in the zone” but how deep a person can go is entirely up to them. By falling into this meditative state people learn to truly become one with themselves. They learn how to block out the world to achieve one goal, overcoming the obstacle that sits before them. In this case it’s a trick, but take a step back and realize what’s going on. By playing with this toy people are able to learn how to become more relaxed. People are learning how to break situations down step by step to solve them.

Every day in life we come across ordinary things, but sometimes if we dig a little deep, we get extraordinary results. Kendama is an example of such things.


This Sweets Submission was written by Nick Pearce 

IG: @bbx_dama

Bio: I'm Nick Pearce and I'm 22. I've been playing kendama for about 2 or 3 years now. I'm from Shavertown, PA. A few people that have really influenced me to strive to reach the next level are Max Norcross, Cooper Eddy and Colin Sander. I love jammin anything natty but right now my favorite dama is my F3 Gold from Sweets, once they break in they are prime.  




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