The Best Kendama Backgrounds for Zoom

The Best Kendama Backgrounds for Zoom

Everyone around the world is working to stay connected digitally right now. A lot of classes, meetings, and family hangouts are happening with Zoom. 

Zoom has a cool feature that allows you to replace the background of your video wit photos or videos. With this feature you can pretend you are anywhere in the world, enter your favorite tv show, or show off your love for kendama!

Below are some of our favorite ZOOM Backgrounds!

Just save these to your computer and spice up any video call

1) Hangout in a pile of kens

2) Join the Crowd at NAKO

3) Film a Banger in the old Sweets Studio

4) Visit the Sweets Museum

5) Use this Alex Ruisch Legend Mod pattern to zest up your call

6) Join us at Sweets HQ for the NAKO Pre-Party

7) Or keep it less bright with this kendama pattern

8) Hang out in Coop's Room for a bit

9) Get wavy with this George Marshall Pro Mod backdrop

10) Pretend you are working in the Sweets Warehouse

11) Kick it with some classic Primes

12) Everyone needs a Sweets sign photo op

13) Kendama is a Smile

14) Get your Reed Stark on with this Safari Sweets pattern

15) Be one with your tama 

16) Remember Kendama Is Family


  • Caleb Mueller

    im really enjoying that sweets studio one 😂

  • Jay Aaron

    I might have to use one of these 😂

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