Nick and Zack Gallagher are finally Pros for Sweets Kendamas!!!! These two shredders have come a long way from being mohawk having groms at events in 2013. It is now 2017 and they are arguably 2 of the best kendama players in the world. 


At this years MKO the Gallaghers were announced on the MOA stage as the next Pro Kendama Players for Sweets Kendamas. Nick on the left chose a purple and blue tama and Zack on the right chose to roll with a black and white design. Both players spent a lot of time designing every aspect of their pro mod, from the burns down to the bead. Only a few lucky people were able to go away from MKO with one this time. The official release of the mods will be mentioned in the coming weeks. 


There are no two people that deserve this more than the Gallaghers. They have put their time in grinding and now it is time to be on top. Stoked to see them progress to the next level of Kendama play and influence. 

Check out their Video Release Edit HERE

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by Andrew Barton

I figured it out! You cloned Nick! That’s why they look identical! You cloned them so you can create more awesome damas, and have more pros >:D JK

by Alex Nicolas

When are they gonna release?

by Lazea Alex

What’s the name of the song

by Lars Meier

at least we can tell them apart now haha