Cam Herrero // Kendama Co // Instant Transmission

I'll never forget seeing Cam play kendama for the first time. We were at the 2014 Battle in Seattle and I saw a crowd of people watching this dude lacing....

Kendama in the News : The Craze Hits Orange County

Sweets Kendamas Focus Team member Alex Hirota does a lot for Kendama in his local community and he's getting the recognition he deserves in the local news. Alex has very quickly...

#HGARBORDAY2016 Photo Contest

#HGARBORDAY2016 Photo Contest

Did you know that Sweets Kendamas has a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation that plants one tree for every Homegrown Kendama sold? Pretty cool huh? We started our partnership...

Community Trick Shot Edit #1

Community Trick Shot Edit #1

We threw our first trick shot competition and had tons of awesome entries! The kendama community is so creative, you guys never disappoint! We chose a few of our favorites...

Five Trick Fix // Isaac Fine

Five Trick Fix // Isaac Fine

Focus Team member Isaac stacked some clips while on vacation in Georgia Song: Coffee - Sylvan Esso

GVK Presents: 12 twelve [12-1212] xii, a love story

GVK = Austin Ring(Sweets Focus) + Zach Porter(KenUSA Tribe) Enjoy their newest edit! Music:

Sweets Kendama Presents : The Cushion Clear

We developed Cushion Clear to play like a “broken in” Kendama right out of the box. The grippy, matte finish softens impact and increases control on balance tricks. Best of...

Thibaut Arcos // Three Trick Thursday

Three funny tricks from the Frenchie T-Bow Enjoy! Song: Skrillex and The Game - El Chapo

Alex Hirota // Three Trick Thursday #2

Focus Team Member, Alex Hirota, busts out three tricks with two odd Kendama setups. Kendamas Used: Mini x Grapevine Micro x Grapevine Song: Pretty Sister - Drive

Time Well Spent: A Kendama Stop Motion Video

Time Well Spent: A Kendama Stop Motion Video Created by George Marshall Stop Motion animations are captured one frame at a time. Each frame of this video is an individual...

Christian Fraser + Alex Hirota // Tech Trek

Pro Team member Christian Fraser and Focus Team member Alex Hirota spent the weekend before Battle at the Border 2016 grinding out some technical tricks while trekking through the landscape...

Top 10 People That Need to Try Kendama

If you are like me you always have an extra kendama to give someone when the time is right. If I met any of these dudes in person I would...