Kendama Club at Lake Bde Maka Ska

Kendama Club at Lake Bde Maka Ska


Kendama Club at Lake Bde Maka Ska tonight from 6-8pm ish.  

The Crazy Storms made us a deal saying that they would go away for the evening as long as we competed in the "Water Speed Ladder... Bring shorts if you are down to send it. It'll be fun and there will be a couple of prizes for the champs.  It is going to be hot so prepare wisely. 

 Will we actually do in the water speed ladder??? We will all decide that at the lake.

Here are the divisions/ tricks if we do it!

Speed Ladder Lake Shinanagins!

Bring some swim trunks and a towel! Plus you may want to bring a kendama that you don't mind getting wet!!!

We will be doing a speed ladder comp while standing in the water!

 Speed ladders are a race to the finish. Be the first to successfully complete each trick on the list in order!

Free to Play!


Ankle Deep (Beginer) 

Knee Deep (Intermediate) 

Waist Deep (Advanced/Open) 


Trick Lists: 

Ankle Deep: Beginner 

Candle Stick

Sara Grip: Around the Block 

Kneeling Big cup to spike


Moshi Kame x15


Knee Deep: Intermediate 

Airplane, J-stick

Floating Tama ( In water )  pull up spike 

Kneeling Moshi Kame x 15 Spike it!

Stunt Plane

Half Space Walk in

Airplane, Base cup, Down spike

Pull up Lighthouse, Swap ken grip to bungee pull up spike 


Waist Deep: Advanced/ Open

Sweets Special 

One Turn airplane, dub J-stick

Down Spike Fast Hands, Down Earth

Handle Stall, Flip to Bird, Flip in

Floating tama, Scooping goldfish, Spike

Moon Circle Swing Spike

Stunt Plane, Stunt Plane Foward flip

Kneeling, Neck deep,  pull up spike. 


 Come out and have some fun at the lake with us this Evening! As always club is free and open to all ages! 




See you at 6!



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