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KENDAMA CLUB // Tuesday, August 20th // 6-8pm //  21+ for 8:30 -???

It is Tim Nygaards Birthday!!!! & It's George Marshalls Last Ken Club for a while as he is heading back to Colorado for School!

Come out and play kendama with these amazing humans tonight! 

It has been stormy this morning but we aren't supposed to be getting any more rain. Cross your fingers and lace a banger to help hold off the rain! 


PLAN: We will be having Kendama club as usual open to all ages and skill levels located at lake Bde Maka Ska up until around 8pm. 

After Kendama Club anyone over 21+ is welcome to join us for a little celebration and send-off sesh at UP-DOWN Barcade!


Location: Lake Bde Maka Ska // Thomas Beach    Time: 6-8pm

Location: Up-Down Barcade   Time:  8:30-???


See you There!!!