Eagle McMahon - Sweets Mob - Amped



Eagle McMahon is Sweets Mob!!

Kendama Connects Worlds and we are so stoked to see the connection with Disc Golf grow over the last few years.  Eagle is amazing with a disc and uses kendama constantly during downtime in rounds to help stay honed and focused. We are stoked to add him to the squad and can't wait to watch him continue to level up!!


  • KEN
    • Amped Shape
    • Maple
    • Balance Bevel in base cup
    • Engravings
      • Disc Basket pattern around cup rims
      • Signature on sarado
      • Eagle talons in small cup
      • Keep on Dreamin in big cup 
      • Sweets Crossken on base
      • connected hearts in base cup
  • TAMA
    • 62mm
    • Beech
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion
      • Metal Spinner Bead
      • Replacement String
      • Signature Stickers

    A portion of each sale goes directly to the player.
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