Alex Ruisch

Age, what year were you born?

I’m 45 and born in 1973

Where are you from and describe where you grew up

I’m from the Netherlands I did grew up in Renkum a small village in the mid east of the country, and moved to Lelystad when I was 6.

Where are you currently living?  

Currently living in Amersfoort in the center of the country , Close by Amsterdam and Utrecht

When were you first introduced to kendama?

I was introduced to kendama the in 2009 when watching rollerblade videos of Franky Morales and I was hooked when I saw him play kendama, loved the sounds of it as well.

How were you introduced to Sweets?  

When Sweets started to paint his damas in 2009 in his garage, I contacted him to buy some sweets kendamas from him in 2011 and I went to the very first kendama event named Damafest organized by KendamaUSA, that was when sweets and I first met, 3 years later Christian Fraser was the one that did contact me if i want to be a part of the team , and the rest is well know among the scene

What players did you look up to / inspired you at the beginning and now?

Of course in the beginning I did look up to Colin Sander, Nicolas Schopfer and Matt Nixx non japanese and Katsuaki Chimadera, Tamoya Mukia and  Satoru Akimoto. Nowdays i love and like everyone that play kendama , all ages and from all regions of the world.

Who are currently your favorite players?

To name a few in random order : Gallagher brothers, Ben Herald, Nick Stodd, Christian Fraser, Joshua grove, and a handfull more that i follow on insta , and always happy when they drop a new amazing combo

Favorite competition?

Most favorite comp will be MKO, because there always be a lot of the OG players they are also good friends and it is great to make new friends as well I also like different comp styles to watch or to take part off, and in between it is great to share fun a joy with players you don’t see that much

Whats your favorite style of play? Casual, the grind for a banger, freestyle, competition?

I’m a single trick player and like to play as clean and solid as possible, build up then the main trick and the finish

What trick was the most satisfying grind? / took the longest to lace and film

As far as i can remember my longest grind was the combo I did in my single trick edit Alex Ruisch Vs Sumo kendama It took me 2 weeks every night grinding, and Cooper Eddy made the edit and looks so awesome

Favorite edits?

Documentary of the Gallagher brothers

Favorite wood type?

I can be short about this one too : Maple

Cushion or sticky clear?

They both have a difference play style but if I have to choose I would go for Cushion clear

How many kendamas do you own?

I did stop counting a while ago , lets say 300+

What has been your favorite kendama trip?

I must say Damafest 2011, from that point I noticed about myself that I reached something in my life and made a name in a great scene, beside that it was the first time I went to America and had the chance to meet a lot of Players that also started to play kendama just in the same time as me.

Where do you want to go with kendama?

USA and Japan, does not really matter as long as a be surrounded by friends

What are some of your other passions besides kendama?

I play some games like Clash of Clans in a great clan for 6-7 years and Pokemon Go with a great group that do raids the last 2 years Collecting sneakers and Vape gear, (stopped smoking in 2016 and killed a bad habit)