Hobie Doan

"I thought dama was strange when I first saw it. After lacing a spike I was on a completely different page. Kendama somehow gives me the same rush as landing a bmx trick or cracking a home run on a baseball bat as a kid. The amount of time I’ve spent playing at airports, BMX sessions, and grocery stores is insane. Instead of just being bored on the phone, I can challenge my mind, build patience & enhance my work ethic. Kendama is truly the perfect thing to wake the mind up, relieve stress, and get the body moving."

Reed Stark

"I have been riding BMX for over 15 years now and it has completely consumed my life. Landing a new trick provides an indescribable feeling of satisfaction. I thought BMX was the only thing for me until I found kendama.

My friend Bjorn introduced me to this toy a couple years ago and I fell in love immediately. I’m always progressing even when I’m not on a bike. Now I can’t leave the house without one around my neck. Thanks to Sweets for keeping me happy even when I’m alone with a dead phone at a bus stop in the middle of Africa."