Download your preferred template below.


Design any way you can. Digital is preffered but hand drawn is cool too.


Post on your Instagram. Use the Hashtag #CommunityKendamaSeries to enter.


Fill out the Google Form below and upload your design to be entered in the contest.



* Only original art submissions will be considered, no logos or branded materials or references to Intellectual Properties that you do not own. *




By entering this contest you are giving Sweets Kendamas LLC permission to use your name, likeness, and submitted artwork in advertisement on all Social and Traditional media channels. By uploading your design to Instagram with the #DesignADama, #DesignAPRime, #CommunityKendamaSeries or #CommunityKendama tag you are giving Sweets Kendamas permission to use your design in any future product, including but not limited to Prime, Prime Custom, Homegrown, BOOST, Amped, G-SHAPE or any other product created for sale or advertisement by Sweets Kendamas or its partners. All designs submitted become the intellectual property of Sweets Kendamas LLC and may be used or altered at will without notice to the original contributor. If your design is chosen for production as the winner of this contest you will receive 6x kendamas with your design on them. If we decide to re-use the design, or an altered version of the design, for future use you will not receive compensation. To be considered for entry in the contest you must post your design to a public instagram with the hashtags listed above as well as upload design via Google Form before the cutoff date.