Inside the Mindset of Adrian Esteban

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ADRIAN ESTEBAN //  IG: @Eslayban // Grain Theory Team

-Why did you choose to do 28?  I chose to do 28 Tricks as a personal push for myself to really get me playing/filming! Also, figured out this would be a great opportunity to show off a lot tricks I’ve had sitting in my head for way too long.

- What does 28 tricks later mean to you? 28 tricks is all about having fun and being happy about every trick you put out. The major key is to remember that the challenge is for YOURSELF and no one else.

- What type of characteristics / benefits did 28 Tricks later show you about yourself? How did it push you? The biggest thing 28 tricks did for me was to learn how to be hyped about how I play. I was so critical about how I saw my play style that I kinda forgot I just really love how playing kendama and being able to share tricks feels. It became less of a push and more something I was excited to do everyday.

- How is your relationship to failure? Do you see failure as beneficial? why or why not?  Failure happens ALL THE TIME, but that’s why it’s okay. Every time I take an L, I take it as a lesson and a starting point to improve. If you’re not failing, you’re definitely not trying enough new things.

- Do you feel like you leveled up as a player? why or why not?  This challenge got me radiating in level up energy for real! Trying to land a new trick everyday made me have SO MANY misses before any kind of lace. But constantly repeating these tricks made me learn more about how each one worked or how I could connect older tricks with a mistake I just did. Another thing I didn’t expect to level up was my motivation to film. Even after the challenge, every time I want to jam, I just turn on the cam and go haha.


If you could give one "Mindset" tip to those looking to take on the challenge, what would it be?  Don’t forget to have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment. Trying something new and unfamiliar can really get the trick think-tank going!

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