Inside the Mindset of Brandon Meyer

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BRANDON MEYER// @Brandonmeyer39 // Sweets Kendamas Team 


Why did you choose to do 28?

I chose to do 28 tricks later because it's a very good way to progress your kendama skills and also to try some tricks you might not normally do.


What does 28 tricks later mean to you?

28 tricks later means GRIND! You are forced to push yourself to land a banger everyday, and that is no easy task. Gotta keep them creative juices flowing all month long!


 What type of characteristics / benefits did 28 Tricks later show you about yourself? How did it push you?

I've benefited by opening my mind to a wide variety of tricks, not only the ones that I think of but by looking at other peoples tricks and doing a variation of it.


Do you see failure as beneficial? why or why not?

Of course, failure just makes success feel that much better!


Do you feel like you leveled up as a player? why or why not?

Oh yeah! A lot of the tricks I had done this month were tricks I've never done before!


Was it worth the grind?



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