Inside the Mindset of Alex Ruisch

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ALEX RUISCH // @SuperNog73 // Sweets Kendamas LEGEND //

-Why did you choose to do 28?

it pumped me up to play more and shows me why I love kendama, set new goals and try new tricks inspired by other players.

- What does 28 tricks later mean to you?

Play daily and give inspiration to others.

- What type of characteristics / benefits did 28 Tricks later show you about yourself? How did it push you?

It shows me how I still love kendama and love to see a lot more clips from others, gets me inspired too

- Do you see failure as beneficial? why or why not?

When I actually miss spike in the first couple times but i did land the main trick I’m cool and keep trying. I focus, reset and try again till I get closer or try a different finish. When that is not making it work, I will finish it the most normal way I can just to finish the trick and show off the main (new) trick.

But when it all comes together in a couple tries, I feel like a legend.

- Do you feel like you leveled up as a player? why or why not?

Yes i did , did a lot old tricks much better and sometimes a great add, juggle every day now since last #28trickslater 2018

Learned some new tricks I never did before, like Gooncirlce.

-Was it worth the grind?

Yes not gonna skip or even think about skipping next time, 2020 here I come!

-If you could give one “mindset” tip to those looking to take on the challenge what would it be?

Mindset 1, “ Never Give Up”. Mindset 2, “Nothing is impossible”. Watch other players to get inspired, it did help me a lot. Focus on the trick / combo you like to do. Break down the trick / combo and focus on each part if the trick. When you get it, mirror it, including the movements and do it in the opposite hand. It is already locked in your mind, just give it some time to get used to it. The feeling that you get out of it is amazing, like the same feeling when you landed it with your regular hand in the past. Keep it up, Have fun!


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