Inside the Mindset of Jake Wiens

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JAKE WIENS // @thekengarden  // Owner @Graintheory, Father, Legend

-Why did you choose to do 28?
It sounded fun and challenging. I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible to be a stay at home dad, run a kendama company, and film kendama every day.  

- What does 28 tricks later mean to you? 28 is a feeding frenzy of inspiration. It’s a time when you can just open insta and see hundreds of inspiring tricks and discover new players.  

- What type of characteristics / benefits did 28 Tricks later show you about yourself? How did it push you?  Once I started and made my first few post it became more than a personal goal. I didn’t want to let all the viewers down. I got so much support from the community.  I was able to connect with other players and see how my tricks inspired them. Every post I was tagged in with a frying pan or a baby made me smile and encouraged me to keep going with not only 28 tricks later but with my play style. Thank you to all the players that posted slip tricks and tagged me!!! <3

- How is your relationship to failure? Do you see failure as beneficial? why or why not? Failure itself is not beneficial but rather how you deal with failure is what makes you stronger. It’s like how the kendama itself has no power until YOU interact with it.  Within failure there are always a multitude of winning opportunities and all you gotta do is choose one.

- Do you feel like you leveled up as a player? why or why not? I did some slips I have never thought of and did some taps. Soooo... I leveled up a lil. =)

-Was it worth the grind?  100%

- If you could give one "Mindset" tip to those looking to take on the challenge, what would it be? Make your goal before you start. Is your goal to do 28 bonkers difficult tricks like Ben Herald, or is it to post 28 fun kendama related videos Cody Grizz?  It’s important to know your theme. Once you have your goals you can move towards them with an accurate sense of direction and have a better chance of following through.


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