Inside the Mindset of Max Norcross

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MAX NORCROSS // @Mvx_Norcross // Sweets Kendamas Pro

- Why did you choose to do 28? 
I thought it would be a good way to get myself back into playing and filming kendama tricks. Not that i wasn't playing beforehand, but i had the hunger to film again and lace some fun tricks. It's a challenge that was created by C. Fraser, and its a good way to push yourself to achieve a big goal in kendama. To support a homie's good idea, and to push myself harder by trying to film bangers everyday.

- What does 28 tricks later mean to you?
As i said before, this challenge is a big goal for the kendama community. It's something that brings more IG Bangers, which everyone always enjoys watching. Most of all it's a time where everyone gets ecstatic to be a kendama player or even a kendama enthusiast. You get to watch all your favorite pro's, friends, companies post daily. On top of that, discovering very talented un-sponsored players to start following. I followed a few people that i never knew existed until this challenge! The meaning to me is that It's a fun and creative way to connect our community together.

- What type of characteristics / benefits did 28 Tricks later show you about your self? How did it push you?
I started a new job in December, and by February i was starting to work more full time! It taught me that I was procrastinating at times and would want to rest on late nights after i get home from work. My exhaustion level was taking over my passion to film tricks before bed. If i missed a day of filming, I'd double up the next day... but still felt like i was just tarnishing the purpose of the whole challenge. If i can have my heart and mind into something i care about, then the exhaustion can disappear at certain times. So i had to pick myself up, force myself up, grab a camera and try to get a clip. It sucked for like a quarter of the days, but you felt pretty good about keeping up and going after it even when you thought you couldn't.

- What is your relationship to failure like? Do you see failure as beneficial? why or why not? 
Throughout the month i had a bunch of fails. The tricks that are easy to lace don't give that same hype or satisfaction over the more challenging ones. Without failure, there really is no true and pure success. It just doesn't feel as good, when you fail it pushes you further and motivates you to grind it out and lace. I think missing tricks and trying something new that's not easy for you is a healthy way to improve yourself and your abilities in kendama.

- Do you feel like you leveled up as a player in February? why or why not?
Some of the days felt a lot more challenging than others, I tried to step out of my comfort zone a lot. That's kinda the challenge i put on myself within the #28TricksLater. To try and lace tricks I've maybe never even attempted or hit my weak points to make them stronger. There were days where filming took hours, then there were some almost First Try! By trying to switch my tricks up and think about different variations i think i ended up leveling up. Learning something new is addicting, and if anyone asks what my favorite trick is... I'd say the one i haven't landed yet, because they are the most hype ones to land!

-Was it worth the grind? 
One of the tricks i filmed actually was a First T, but another one of my tricks i filmed for days and days before it finally landed! Every trick for almost 5 days in a row were "unplanned random quickies" just because i got so tired trying to lace that one trick. The one that felt the best to me was the trick that took days to finally get, it was like taking that first sip of the Peach-Nectarine RedBull... BOMB! The feeling i had when it was finally laced made it feel worth it to me all on it's own!

- If you could give one "Mindset" tip to those looking to take on the challenge, what would it be?
Stay motivated, and don't forget to have fun with it instead of thinking its a "challenge".

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