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Sweets Kendamas is the strongest connector of worlds & industries. I’ve experienced this first hand and will never forget the feeling of my first trick... empowering & mega humbling at the same time. I think we rarely come across things in life that are so beautifully intricate and yet, so simple.

I was first introduced to Kendama by none other than sweets’ very own legends & family members; Cooper Eddy & Reed Stark. I hadn’t long lived in the USA and as if by total chance, these boys were staying next door to my home ( while filming promos for the Chinatown market mod. ) We got talking about Kendama a lot and before we knew it, there were more DJs showing up to attempt their first spike challenge.

Reed told me that Brock ( BOOGIE T ) was a good friend or theirs and also a huge Kendama fan; I’d been seeing him lacing HUGE tricks daily and the whole thing started to make a lot more sense; Sweets REALLY ARE connecting the dots and bringing these influential dudes together & all for the same love of a skill toy. I cant recommend Kendama enough. It’s helped develop my patience and even sleep a little better, too! No more excuses, time to come see what Sweets/ Disciple are up to & start levelling up