Boo Johnson

"My name is Boo Johnson I’m a professional skateboarder. I’ve been having fun on my skateboard for about 12 solid years now & it’s something I’ll always have passion for and enjoy doing because it keeps me grounded and makes me feel alive every time a step on my board.

When I was first introduced to a Kendama by my brotha Reed Stark I got the same tingles throughout my body when I hit my first spike, just as if I would of landed a trick on my board. To be able to find something just as fun and as satisfying is amazing.I want to Thank Reed & Sweets Kendamas for the good times."

David Gravette

"Gotta say how happy I am to get introduced to kendama. It’s so much more than a super fun toy that you can bring along anywhere, it’s a connection of worlds. It introduced me to all sorts of amazing humans outside of skateboarding I would have never met. Never thought I could get the same feeling of joy and accomplishment I get from skating without putting my body on the line, but adding a new kendama trick to my bag gets me so fired up! Tell your friends to open up their mind and try one of these things out. One spike and they’re hooked forever."