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David Gravette's Daily Essentials

"Gotta say how happy I am to get introduced to kendama. It’s so much more than a super fun toy you can bring anywhere, it’s a connection of worlds. It introduced me to all sorts of amazing humans outside of skateboarding I would have never met. Didn’t think I could get the same feeling of joy and accomplishment I gert from skating without putting my body on the line, but adding a new kendama trick to the bag gets me so fired up!"

Boo Johnson's Daily Essentials


"When I was first introduced to a Kendama by my brotha Reed Stark I got the same tingles thru out my body when I hit my first spike just if I would of landed a trick on my board. To be able to find something just as fun and as satisfying is amazing"



High Quality, Fits Nice in the Hand.

I have been using this kendama for a while now and its amazing! The sticky paint makes catching the tama (the ball part) easy and perfect for beginners, but also experts. The classic sweets logo on the bottom of the perfectly balanced ken (the stick part) is an eye catcher for sure! I have been using this kendama every day for a few months now and the paint is still holding up great and it has lots of life left. I did replace the string, but that was fine because it came with an extra string and even a tool to help replace the string. Perfect as a gift or just for yourself as a first kendama, or to add to the collection.

- Ian Taylor

Super fun game to play

Endless possibilities with this game. i mess with it every time i pass by it, the rubber coating on the ball could be a little more durable but normal wear is to be expected due to repetitive impact. overall a fun toy that should last a long time.

- Jackson D.

Best Xmas gift for shut-in teens or college aged kids.

Excellent for focus and concentration, fun to do while listening to music, watching tv, etc. Fun new skills!

- P.K. Detemple



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