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What is a Kendama?

Kendama is an ancient Japanese hand-eye coordination trainer. Professional snowboarders, skateboarders, BMX riders, mountain bikers, & more from around the world have realized over the last 10 years that playing kendama significantly enhances their ability to rip.


Beyond being a safe downtime hobby for the adrenaline junkie, kendama increases balance, focus, and attention to detail. Some say playing with a kendama has the ability to slow down time in your brain, which can be helpful before doing something at high speeds with high risk.


As professional BMX rider Reed Stark always says, "I'll never jump off a roof before knowing if my brain is moving at the right speed." Reed can be seen playing his kendama for hours before any competition. It gets him off his phone, keeps his mind clear, and he can play it while others are competing.

How Do You Play?

Watch the video below to see what tricks to try first. Feel free to search the trick name and "Sweets Kendamas Tutorial" on Youtube to get a longer, more detailed tutorial video for each maneuver.

What Else Can You Do With It?

Kendama has endless tricks to learn and even more combinations to try. Check out this edit from our first snowboarder on the Sweets Mob team, Juiccy Jokerr, to see some of the unique ways to use this tool.

What's Next?

Not much. This is the start of your kendama journey and we sincerely hope you enjoy the gift. Kendama does a lot for our team and we think it will help you as well. Please don't keep it on your shelf. Once you've played it a bunch and it's super beat up, hit us up, tell us you got one of these, and we'll gladly send you a freshie.


Keep on ripping. Best of luck at the event. If you film yourself doing something awesome on the kendama, tag @sweetskendamas and we'll shout you out :)


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