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My Kendama Story - Zack Gray

We met Zack Gray in the Summer of 2021 where he quickly fell in love with Kendama. He's been leveling up so quickly since we met him, getting involved with the Kendama Community, and spreading Kendama love everywhere he goes, so we asked him to tell us his Kendama Story. Read it below!

Ever since I stopped skating completely, there has always been a little piece of me missing...since I found Kendama, It has really filled that void. When I’m out trying a trick for hours, it makes me feel the same as when I used to go skate and land something. Now when I lace something, I get that same feeling. I am extremely grateful for what it has done in my life. I can’t say enough how blessed I am to have met the boys at the tournament and for them giving me my first Dama. 

I met Reed Stark and Cody Booth at The Preserve Disc Golf Tournament back at the end of July of 2021. Ever since, I have been completely obsessed with kendama and I am so stoked about the progress I’ve made as a player over the past couple of months. I am a professional musician, but the other hobbies I love are Disc Golf and Regular Golf (or as Disc Golfers say, "Ball Golf").

Skateboarding was my passion for most of my life in addition to music, but when I broke my wrist last year while skating, I realized it was something I could not do anymore. The risk of hurting myself was not worth the risk of impacting my ability to make music. 

I’m so in love with the community and with how kind all the players I have met/connected with so far have been. I’m so stoked to keep progressing and to share kendama with my fans, friends, and everyone I meet. I think it is something that can bring joy to everyone’s life, or at least get them to get off their phone for a couple minutes here and there. 

So much love! God bless kendama!

- Zack


Zack will be DJ'ing live at Battle at the Border 2022, the first in-person Kendama Event of the year, so be sure to give him some love if you're attending! You can find more Event Details HERE.


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