STITCH Teal - Amped


SWEETS STICH: a clean and affordable jammer. The perfect next step after you beat in a Starter and are looking for something with a bit more character. 

The Stitch takes an updated look at tracking on a tama. Breaking the simple rings into stacked zig-zag designs that do an amazing job of helping you line up a spike while looking awesome. 

Full beech construction means that this dama will get honed quick, and Sticky Clear means that it will be perfect for landing new tricks. 


  • KEN
    • Amped Shape
    • Beech wood
    • Balance Bevel in base cup
    • Custom Engraving
      • Stitch grip on spike
      • Sweets Crossken logo
  • TAMA
    • 62mm
    • Beech wood
    • Sticky Clear
      • Metal Spinner Bead
      • Replacement String
      • Stickers