The Sweester Bunny has dropped off something extra special this year!

Way back when we were first painting tamas in a shed Sweets had the idea to paint some wooden eggs that he found and string them up. Only a few were made, but they have always been a fun challenge to pull out at any dama sesh. 

Today we bring those Eggs back!

Our head painter Sam had the excellent idea to bring them back for Easter last year and we wanted to do it again! Sam hit the booth over the last few weeks to create some awesome and unique Egg damas for you all!

These are hand drilled, hand beveled, hand scuffed, and hand painted.
Because of this this these tamas will have more of than 'hand-made' feel and may have some characteristics that would not pass on a standard tama. They may have noticeable wood grain or pitting.  None of those issues will affect play, and trust us these goofy tamas are meant to be played!!


  • Mystery Ken
  • Mystery Egg Tama
  • Cushion Clear



*You can not request something specific for your Mystery Kendama! That takes away the fun of the Mystery!

Due to the nature of Mystery Kendamas and the Egg shaped tamas we will not be able to match weight requests or offer left handed stringing. 

** Mystery Kendamas do not come with an extra string or bead.

Mystery Kendamas are a surprise, and can not be refunded or exchanged