We're going au naturel with this drop. 

Natty kendamas have been a staple since the beginning of kendama. No paint means they start out a bit slick but have the potential to become next-level honed over time. 

To make these Natties even better they are coming in the Amped shape and have tama tracking fro the first time. These subtle wood burns around the bevel, 70/30 mark, and string hole will help you line up your tricks and land spike easier. 

With summer right around the corner it is the perfect time to go natty. These kendamas get better as they break in from play and absorb your sweat and hand oils. A well seshed Natty is a true representation of the player who put in the work.



  • KEN
    • Amped Shape
    • Full Cherry
    • Crossken logo engraving
  • TAMA
    • 62mm
    • Full Cherry
    • Tracking burns
    • Natty (no paint) or Cushion Clear
      • Metal Spinner Bead
      • Replacement String
      • Stickers