Inside the mind of the Pros // #28TricksLater //

Inside the mind of the Pros // #28TricksLater //

Another year of #28TricksLater filled with absolute insanity!

Have you ever wondered what is going on in the mind of your favorite players when they are going for tricks? Or curious about their process or mindset when approaching tricks? Well get stoked, because we have thirteen legendary players for you to choose from, giving you a glimpse into the mind of your favorite players. 

#28Trickslater has officially been over for a week now. Our goal at Sweets Kendamas was to hit 15,000 hashtags for February 2019. The entire community blew that away reaching over 20,000 #28TricksLater posts in the month of February! Posts were filled with tons of new tricks never done before as well as players just starting their Kendama journey. The challenge was steeped in growth, inspiration, creativity, progression and community support.

We all know that the #28TricksLater challenge is no simple task, as well as how amazingly rewarding it can be - but what is going on in the mind of your favorite players? What's their process?

This Blog is dedicated to the mindsets of some of your favorite players and gives you a brief glance into how these players take on the #28TricksLater challenge. If you play Kendama you have probably experienced physical and mental challenges along the way of landing new tricks and in this case, posting a new trick everyday during the month.

Go into the mind of Alex Ruisch, Lyndon Whalen, Adrian Esteban, Matt Sweets, Jake Wiens, Christian Fraser, Nick and Zack Gallagher, Nonoka Kyoda, George Marshall, Brandon Meyer, Joshua Grove and Max Norcross in the epic #28TricksLater grind. 

Click on the players pictures below to take a look into their mind!


NICK GALLAGHER // @Nickgallagher42 // Sweets Kendamas Pro

Nick Gallagher // @nickgallagher42 // Sweets Kendamas Pro


ADRIAN ESTEBAN // @Eslayban // Grain Theory Team


MATT SWEETS // @Matt_Sweets // Founder of Sweets Kendamas


GEORGE MARSHALL // @georgemarshalldama // Sweets Kendamas Team


NONOKA KYODO // @nonoka_kyodo // Sweets Kendamas Japan Team

LYNDON WHALEN // @Lyndonwhalen // Sol Kendamas Pro 


ZACK GALLAGHER // @Zack_Gallagher // Sweets Kendamas Pro


JAKE WIENS // @TheKenGarden // Owner @Graintheory, Father, Legend


 ALEX RUISCH // @SuperNog73 // Sweets Kendamas LEGEND 


CHRISTIAN FRASER // @Cdfraser9 // Sweets Kendamas LEGEND 



BRANDON MEYER // @Brandonmeyer39 // Sweets Kendamas Team

JOSHUA GROVE // @Joshuaflowgrove // Sweets Kendamas Team


MAX NORCROSS // @MVX_Norcross // Sweets Kendamas Pro




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    This is an awesome article, Josh! I really love the way you did it.

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