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Ten Historic Kendama Videos You Need to See!
It's Kendama Movie Night! Grab some friends, a drink, and some snacks for a marathon of 10 of the most influential videos in kendama history that have withstood the test of time.
10 Kendama Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow
Fill up your Instagram timeline with this inspiring and diverse group of 10 Kendama-centric Instagram accounts. Whether it's art, tricks, or even news, this list of kendama community members provide it all!
Who is Juzzy Carter? Sweets Mob - Kendama X Scooter
Snag Juzzy's Signature Model Now! Every Sweets Mob Team Member is unique. Along with a love for kendama, each one has their own special skills that they excel at, whether that be BMX, Skating, or even Music. We’re extremely stoked...
Sweets' First 50 Kendama Tricks to Master
All of the videos in this Top 50 are from our YouTube Channel, where you can find hours of Kendama education and content! Check out our Channel Page HERE, and be sure to subscribe and click the bell to be...
The Best Kendama Learning Tool - Sweets Sumo Kendama
The best Kendama Learning tool; the Sweets Sumo Kendama. All of the tricks, but in a big package, the Sumo helps kendama players slap tricks they never thought possible. Click to read more!
The BIGGEST Kendamas You've Ever Seen - The KAIJU Kendama
CHECK OUT ALL OF OUR KAIJUS HERE!  Sure, normal-sized kendamas are fun, but if you’ve never tried one, you can really switch things up and get creative juices flowing with a HUGE upgrade that will always wow anyone that sees...
Can You Speedrun Kendama? Fastest Whirlwind World Record!?
Kendama, but FAST! Read for more about a potential world record for the quickest whirlwind, as well as more about why Kendama & Speedrunning go so well together.
My Kendama Story - Hunter Thomas
Hunter Thomas (@brokenplank) shares more about his Kendama roots in Dallas and how Kendama helped him cope with a difficult time in his life in his "My Kendama Story".
My Kendama Story - Greg Phipps
Greg Phipps (@dama_or_death) shares his Kendama Story and how Kendama has guided him towards a healthier lifestyle and helps him stay sober.
My Kendama Story - Monkay Glands
MonkayGlands shares how he uses Kendama as a catalyst for his art and how it helps him express himself in this "My Kendama Story".
What is 28 Tricks Later? (#28TricksLater Explained)
Never heard of #28TricksLater until just recently? Click here to read more about how to get involved this February!
My Kendama Story - Javin Knisely
Javin Knisely tells us about the origins of his Kendama career, how Kendama has helped him through difficult times, and has given him another family.
My Kendama Story - Zack Gray
We met Zack Gray in the Summer of 2021 where he quickly fell in love with Kendama. He's been leveling up so quickly since we met him, getting involved with the Kendama Community, and spreading Kendama love everywhere he goes, so...
My Kendama Story - Tim Nygaard
Tim Nygaard has been a long-time Kendama Community member who we've known for years. After he's done so much to help foster and grow the Kendama Community, we had to hear more about his Kendama Story.
My Kendama Story - Gavin Babcock
This Kendama Story features Gavin Babcock, a Professional Disc Golfer, who grinds both on and off the course to connect the worlds of Disc Golf and Kendama and proves how Kendama is perfect for athletes.
Which Kendama Paint is Best for You?
We release a lot of Kendamas with a lot of different paint options, but it's not always clear what the difference is between them. Click here to find out more about our Clear Coats!
What is Natty November? A One Month Kendama Challenge!
Never heard of a "Natty" Kendama? Looking for a fresh, yet classic challenge? Click here to read more about Natty November!
Who is Austin Donovan? New Sweets Legend!
SUPPORT AUSTIN - CHECK OUT HIS NEW KENDAMA HERE! Who is Austin Donovan?   Austin Donovan, representing New York and the KENYC Team, is a 13-year Kendama Veteran and truly one of the most OG Kendama players in the United...
What is Kendama Kentei?
New to Kendama? Need to get Tested for a Competition? Kendama Kentei is here to help! Click to find out more!
Who is Cam Herrero? The Newest Sweets Legend!
Learn more about the Kendama Icon that is Cam Herrero, the newest Sweets Kendamas Legend!
My Kendama Story - Cody Booth

Get to know the newest Sweets Kendamas employee and find out how Kendama helped him shatter his weight loss goals and land his dream job!