The Kendama Buyer's Guide

The Kendama Buyer's Guide

The Sweets Kendamas Buyer's Guide Table of Contents Things to Consider What's with all these different prices? The Best Age for Kendama? How Big are They? What does "Weight Matched"...

Kendama : The Greatest Boredom Cure : Written by Reed Stark : Sweets Kendamas : Blog

Reed Stark explains why kendama is the Ultimate Cure for Boredom and how kendama helps him see the world differently!

Hatsukaichi - Kendama Statue - What is Kendama Day? - Feature Image

What is Kendama Day?

May 14th is Kendama Day! Read up on some history about the birth of kendama and find out how you can celebrate too!

Where to Buy a Kendama : Sweets Kendamas : Blog Article

Where To Buy A Kendama

Getting a kendama has never been so easy. Check out this list of places we've compiled to help you choose your first kendama!

Getting Hyped for Another Amazing #28TricksLater

Getting ready for another February full of amazing tricks and tons of progress!

Am I Good Enough to Compete?

Am I Good Enough to Compete?

Unsure about competing in NAKO for the first time? Josh Grove helps answer all the questions you might!

Sweets Kendamas Online - Summer Series Competitions

This summer is a little different than most, so we are doing our best to adapt and advance! Since we can't get together for our normal summer kendama jams and...

The Best Kendama Backgrounds for Zoom

Make the most of working, learning, and socializing from home. Free download of Sweets Kendamas backgrounds for your video calls are available now!


When starting out on your kendama journey it can be a little overwhelming deciding which tricks to learn first. After teaching people how to play dama for over 10 years...


 Simple Session is this weekend and it is one of the largest Extreme Sports Events in all of Europe. This year is their 20th year hosting the event in Tallinn Estonia. ...

February might have 29 days this year, but we are still stoked for #28TricksLater

Download the #28TricksLater Video Intro H E R E The month might be a day longer this year, but entering our 4th #28TricksLater we are keeping the hashtag strong. We...

The Only Kendama Display You Will Ever Need : The Dama Claw

Kendamas are awesome. So awesome that we buy lots of them.... like lots and lots. We only have so many dressers and desks to put them on before it becomes...